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why was the bowl of soup so smelly?

coz it was the toilet-bowl

why could the ball carry fruits?

coz it was a basket-ball

where is the most dangerous city in the world?


what do cows do for entertainment?

they go to the moo-vies

what is the quickest way to count cows?

use a cow-culator

why does the golfer always take a spare pair of trousers with him?

in case he gets a hole-in-one

what is Tarzan's favourite christmas song?


why did the baker stop making donuts?

he was sick of the wHOLE business

where do horses go when they fall sick?

the horse-pital

when does a computer need to wear glasses?

when it needs to improve its webSIGHT

what clothing does a house wear?

an address

what driver doesn't have a license?

a screw driver

why didn't Kuku's car workshop have business?   

coz he built it on the second on earth are the cars suppose to drive up

who is always rushing?

a russian

why can't a car play football?

coz it only has one boot

why did donald duck throw the butter out of his window?

he wanted to see the butter-fly

why did mickey mouse put sugar under his pillow?

he wanted to have sweet dreams

why did the case wear a suit?

coz it was a suit case

why did the bag have hands?

coz it was a hand-bag

why could the grass hop?

coz it was a grass-hopper

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